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Global Mining RiSC (“GMR”) provides uniquely integrated, comprehensive, risk-analysis; safety-and-training oversight; and crisis avoidance-and-communications services for the worldwide mining industry.The organization’s goal is to partner with senior management at coal, hard rock and aggregate operations to:

Conduct independent, comprehensive analyses of operations’ risks, safety-and-environmental performance, and programs. Global Mining RiSC  then provides management with recommendations to strengthen safety and environmental systems; and

Provide modern crisis avoidance tools by developing background information, action plans, training and key staff in the event of a serious incident.

Key in Global Mining RiSC efforts will be to assist companies in:

¾Exposing vulnerabilities;
Developing internal company organization and facilities;
Conducting mock drills for appropriate operations’ staff;
Preparing a regularly updated, thorough media package in the
     event of an incident;

Liaising with local and regional media; and
Handling incident-related communications.

Global Mining RiSC has decades of mining-operations experience coupled with savvy crisis-management expertise. The world-class team and advisory board will assist operators in meeting the challenges of 21st-century mining. The industry will benefit from the hands-on expertise of its professionals in risk/safety-training/communications offering a complete assessment of mine operations together with tools to improve results.  The goal for all mining companies: zero fatalities.

Global Mining RiSC’s services are aligned with the NMA-sponsored, independent Mine Safety Technology and Training Commission’s 75 recommendations aimed at providing a very high level of protection for miners.(Click Here To Read The Commission's Report)

From the boardroom to the mine ‘face,’ Global Mining RiSC’s aim is continuous safety improvement, which protects both human and investor values.

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